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Your best results begin with aftercare. Please take the time to read and thoroughly follow all aftercare protocol for best results. 

        There is no downtime for this procedure, you can resume normal activities immediately


        Avoid a hot shower or bath until the area feels normal and does not feel numb, or 6 hours, whichever is sooner


        Massage the area once daily for 2 minutes - think of it like kneading dough. A theragun works great.


    Drink lots of water to help your lymphatic system to process fat out of your body


    A calorie and carb neutral diet is required to see results

Optimum results will happen with a calorie and carb deficit, alongside daily massage


 If you have compression wear, wear that as often as possible over the next week - this acts like the massage. 


    Total results will happen over the next 8 weeks


   You will see peak of the results between 3-5 weeks


    You can treat the same area after 4 weeks of healing time


  You can treat any other areas as soon as you want.

Thank you 

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