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Become a Model

Here at L.A. Fat Freeze, we are frequently in need of people who are able to act as models for our services. If you are seriously interested in getting results modeling for us with services at an extremely discounted rate, you're in the right place. 

Modeling Progams

Skinny Waist 

Abdomen and Flanks - 4 Treatments of up to 4 Applicators at each appointment

Flat Tummy/ Lower Back

Upper and Lower Abdomen - 4 Treatments of up to 2 applicators at each appointment 

Thin Arms

Back of Arms - 3 Treatments of up 2 applicators at each appointment

Terms and Conditions

  • Pictures and Measurements taken at each of your appointments

  • Each appointment will be approximately 4 weeks apart

  • Model must be within 10-25lbs of goal weight

  • Model must follow all aftercare instructions

  • Model must be on a calorie deficit or calorie neutral diet

  • Payment is due in full before booking

  • One rescheduling allowed with 72 hour notice

  • Unused applicators cannot be transferred to future appointments


Skinny Waist - $645.00 - 4 appointments, up to 4 applicators (Saving $851.00 compared to Groupon)

Flat Tummy - $322.50 - 4 appointments, up to 2 applicators (Saving $717.50 compared to Groupon)

Thin Arms - $220.00 -  3 appointments, up to 2 applicators (Saving $560.00 compared to Groupon)

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